can you claim interest on a car loan

can you claim interest on a car loan

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If loan to friend or family goes bad, you may take a tax deduction. These rates are the minimum interest a lender should charge on a personal. fixed Uncle Joe's car or replaced your buddy's water heater, you can't deduct.

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Can I claim a. my ex wife assumed our mortgage loan, i paid 9 payments for th house last year, now she owns the house free and clear, can i claim anything on my taxes or does she get to claim all of the interest Can I claim Head of household if my BF.

using heloc to buy investment property

Your car loan interest is tax deductible if it's for a business vehicle. Learn about overlooked deductions for business automobiles.

Tax benefit on education loan is applicable only if the repayment of loan has already been started by loan borrower. Almost all education loans in India come with a moratorium period which is usually 1 year or 6 months after the student gets a job.

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Car loan interest would be deductible if the vehicle was used for self employment, or in the service of an employer, but it is not deduct. Get the help you need with TurboTax Support. Find TurboTax FAQs, ask a question in our community, chat with agent, or give us a call.

Car loan interest is tax deductible for commercial loans When you take out car finance to purchase a vehicle for use in your business, the interest you pay on the loan is a business expense. This means that you can claim a tax deduction based on the proportion that business use makes up the total use of the vehicle.

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