refinance mortgage after chapter 13 discharge

refinance mortgage after chapter 13 discharge

I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which was discharged in March 2012, after. liable for the mortgage, but your name still remains on the loan. The only way to remove your name from the loan is for your.

Bankruptcy affects an fha mortgage loan just as it affects any other type of mortgage loan. Generally, this means that bankruptcy does not effectively discharge your responsibility to repay the.

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My ch. 13 bankruptcy was discharged in March 2010. Prior to my BK, i had a FICO above 800. Since discharge, I have maintained good credit (665 FICO) and no late pays on car, mortgage, or one credit card (that was in husband’s name and not included in my personal BK).

how much will i qualify for a home loan How Much Will I Qualify For A Mortgage – Toronto Real Estate. – This Mortgage Qualifying Calculator takes all the key information for a you’re considering and lets you determine any of three things: 1) How much income you need to qualify for the mortgage, or 2) How much you can borrow, or 3) what your total monthly payment will be for the loan.

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy can start immediately.. No matter where your credit was when you filed for Chapter 7, chances are good. debt; you won't be able to receive another discharge of your debts for eight years. Best-Of Awards Credit CardsBankingInvestingMortgagesInsuranceLoansShoppingUtilitiesTaxes .

On a Chapter 13, FHA will allow only a 1yr of waiting period after discharge and a borrower’s payment performance must have been satisfactory with all required payments made on time. a Chapter 7 is a two year wait period. call a LOCAL lender, not a national company, and they will be able to help you that.

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if you have an adjustable rate mortgage and your interest rate is about to fly to the moon, Chapter 13 bankruptcy won’t help you a bit. Back during the subprime heyday, many subprime lenders would.

Hi, i wanted to see if anyone knows of any banks that will Refi with HARP immediately after chapter 13 discharge. Our mortgage is at 6.375%, we owe $237,000 and house is worth about $240,000. middle credit rating last month was 663.

Re: Refinancing Mortgage After Chapter 13 Loan officers don’t work for FHA or VA, both FHA & VA are government organizations which put forth mortgage guidelines that FHA and/or VA approved lenders are able to offer. Trustee has to give permission in order to refinance the mortgage.

the borrower was not 30 days late on mortgage or housing payment in the last 12 months." Southern California’s Mountain West Financial announced it will no longer require a 12 month waiting period.

fha mortgage insurance premium chart An FHA insured loan is a US Federal Housing Administration mortgage insurance backed.. The FHA employs a two-tiered mortgage insurance premium (MIP) schedule. [2] (Department of Housing and Urban Development ); FHA Loan limit calculator (city/state/zip loan-limit calculator); FHA Approved Condo Lookup.

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